Color your visit to Higashikishu through encounters with the legendary Eight Heroes

Seeking new encounters and praying for the safety of travelers
coming and going along the Kumano Kodo, eight legendary characters with links to
Higashikishu have been brought to life with augmented reality (AR).

By meeting and speaking to you, the heroes are sure to enrich your travels.

Fully enjoy a delightful journey accompanied by the legendary Eight Heroes
alongside the beauty of nature and the culture
of the Kumano Kodo.

Character Introductions

AR Spot Map

Visit AR spots.

Search for AR spots using the map as a guide.

Scan the QR code.

Use the camera on your smartphone to scan the QR code for the hero shown at the AR spot.

Enjoy the AR content.

After scanning the QR code, the character will speak to you. You can also take a photograph with the character!
*Some of the heroes change appearance with the season!

You can also enjoy the AR content at home!Click or tap here for the Higashikishu Eight Heroes Special Website AR.

The QR code for Special Website AR.