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Never misses a target?! A superlative sniper

Oma Shinzaemon

Although renowned as a superlative sniper, he is actually extremely short-sighted and afraid of ghosts. Despite ordinarily being cool, calm, and collected, he is afraid of the dark and jumps at the slightest sound. He's the kind of person who finishes work right on time and goes straight home.

Legends of Higashikishu

One morning during the Edo period, renowned master gunner Oma Shinzaemon was traveling north through Matsumoto-toge Pass, which at the time was a community road. By the time he had finished his errands and was returning home, the sun had gone down, and it was completely dark. As he was traveling through the Matsumoto-toge Pass again hurrying home, he saw a large mysterious shadow in the moonlight. Startled, Shinzaemon raised his gun thinking: “Surely this is some kind of monster. When a monster shapeshifts, its head is always downwards.”—Shinzaemon took aim at the figure's feet and fired, the bullet hitting its mark. However, when he drew close for a good look, he realized that it was not a monster but a Jizo (guardian deity of children) statue that had been erected during the day after Shinzaemon had traveled through Matsumoto-toge Pass. The bullet holes Shinzaemon inflicted at the foot of this Jizo statue standing quietly on Matsumoto-toge Pass remain to this day.

Places where you can meet Oma Shinzaemon!AR Spot Introduction

Matsumoto-toge Pass on the Kumano Kodo Iseji

The mossy cobblestones preserve the ambience of the ancient road. The Jizo statue that Oma Shinzaemon shot with his gun stands on Matsumoto-toge Pass surrounded by bamboo groves. From the pavilion you can enjoy a panoramic view of Shichirimihama, the longest pebble beach in Japan.

Matsumoto-toge Pass

QR code locations

Commemorative stamp stand located near the pass (near the Jizo statue)

Access to Matsumoto-toge Pass

To Odomari side trailhead

Public transportation

About a 10-minute walk from JR Odomari Station

By car
  • (From Owase) Drive from the Kumano-Odomari Interchange along National Route 42 and turn left at the T-junction. Matsumoto-toge Pass is immediately after the turn.
  • (From Shingu) Drive along National Route 42. Matsumoto-toge Pass is immediately after you exit the Onigajo Tunnel.

Onigajo No. 2 Parking

From the trailhead
to the AR spots

About a 30-minute walk